Prelom (Break) is a periodical for images and politics. It consists of two permanent columns: "Ideology and it's Discontents" and "Reading the image"

"Ideology and it's Discontents" column is born from the need to deal with basic structures defining the domain of cultural and political praxis. Filling the blanks in understanding of post-marxistic production of the former decade, this column examins the possibillities of establishing a new, radical and pluralistic emancipatory policy.

"Reading the image" column is dedicated to the images, representations and displays. The emphasis is placed on the proper understanding of the importance and power of representation and, especially, itís role in the formation of ideological and political constructs of society.

Besides it's theoretical work, Prelom is maintaining a close contact with contemporary art scene. Each issue is promoting one artwork, created as a consequence of a "close encounter", mutual reactions and coupling of art and theory.

Since 2001, when magazine is established, it grew up to become a discussion forum of it's kind, those discussions defining, by it's volume, new models of interacting between theory, art and politics in the broader social field.