Louis Althusser Theory and Political Practice
George Grosz and Wieland Hertzfeld "Art Is in Danger"
Diego Rivera The Revolutionary Spirit in Modern Art
Alain Badiou Le XX siecle: Questions de méthode

Branimir Stojanović The Politics of Partisans
Boris Buden More about Communist Slaughters, or Why We Actually Parted
Vladimir Marković Notes on the Situation of Adequate Terror Lack
The Mission of National Liberation Partisans Squads
The Statute of Proletarian National Liberation Strike Brigades
Proclamation of AVNOJ (Antifascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia) to the People of Yugoslavia
Declaration of the Second Session of AVNOJ (Antifascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia)
Explication of the Sentence Passed on the Traitor and War Criminal Draža Mihailović

Nina Marolt, Gal Kirn, Andrej Pavlišič On the Movement for Global Justice in Slovenia
Gal Kirn, Ana Jereb About "putting a pressure" on a discussion, or campaigning for NATO
Gal Kirn Review of the collection of essays No to NATO - Give us Peace, or critique of the Slovenian request for admission to the NATO and of the NATO pact in general

Boris Groys On the New
Jelena Stojanović Potlach: Deskilling as a Lucidity, or the Awaited End of Political Economy
Branislav Dimitrijević Some Introductory Notes on the Work of Goran Đorđević in the Period from 1974 to 1985, Particulary Concerning his Activities within Students Cultural Centre
"Who is Goran Đorđević" an Interview with Goran Đorđević
Uncle Fishhook and the Sacred Baby Poo Poo of Art an Intervew with Jack Smith
Joan Hawkins "No Worse Than It Was Before": Theory, Economy and Power in Abel Ferrara’s The Addiction
Vesna Madžoski The Ring – an Ordeal for Male Maturity or the Horror on the Neck
Ana Janković American Beauty and American Question
Stéphane Delorme De Kids a Ken Park, L’éclosion d’un cineaste passionnant: Lari Klark, Teenage Man
Jean-Marc Lalanne Comment la cinéaste reformule régulierement la définition d’un auter Gus Van Sant: localisation zéro
Aleksandra Sekulić Low-Fi Video: Ein Bildungsroman
Dragana Kitanović Fandom, the Accursed Share of the Ideology of Consumption
Nick Zedd Theory of Xenomorphosis

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